Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

One of the issues I had while writing the mains examinations, and especially after I had written the mains examinations, was that I wasn’t very happy with my handwriting. It wasn’t that it was particularly bad or something but that it wasn’t especially good either. And I want my handwriting to be impressively good in the this year’s mains. I want the examiner to read my copy and think highly of it. I want him or her to rate my answers as best as he or she can; something which perhaps might be aided by the fact that the answers are written in a good handwriting. I have, thus, decided to write for the next couple of months, at the very least, with fountain pens and fountain pens alone. The fact that the experience of writing with a good fountain pen is bliss in itself may have a significant bearing on this decision of mine but it’s a different story altogether. Oh but I must tell you, what a feeling! When was the last time you wrote with a great pen? Try it. As soon as you can.

Both in Bhopal and in Lucknow, there exists a shop: the Variety Book Store of T. T. Nagar and the Anupam Pen Shop of Aminabad respectively, which have a great collection of fountain pens. As I was enjoying my sojourns there, I wandered to shop for some nice fountain pens for my endeavour. It was a nascent idea at the time. However, I am now delighted to tell you that I have found some great specimens. And while it may not be prudent to write with them in the examinations itself, they sure make for a great writing experience in general. Above all, it feels good. It feels great. Ah, I am falling in love with fountain pens, all over again.

While I was searching for pens, I came across the old ‘Hero’ pens from which I used to write in my childhood. Indeed, these were one of my first pens. To find them there in the shop, surprisingly at similar rates as they were when I was in standard four was a delightful moment. I purchased the lot of them. I would have perhaps purchased more had it not been for the irritating behaviour of the owner of the shop. However, in his defense maybe I was far too excited about finding those pens. I still have bought enough pens to last me a good while and the one I’m writing with right now is a gem in itself. Have a look:

fountain pen

Here’s to fountain pens and the idea of penmanship, may it always delight its appreciators.

4 thoughts on “Fountain Pens

  1. Happiness is Shopping for Stationery! 🙂
    I keep changing my pens as well to ensure my handwriting stands out and not creeps out of the door. But have got not much success as of yet! Not tried fountain pens. Did you manage to find the Hero Pen with the arrow on it ? And which book is this in the photo?

  2. Yes, I did find the same Hero Pen with the arrow in it. I believe you have fond memories of them, too?

    The book in the photo is ‘If on a winter’s night a traveler’ by Italo Calvino. I did start it, but haven’t finished it yet. It’s quite interesting and meta a book.

  3. I am also an avid collector of FP’s . Glad to know you found such beauties. Btw did you find the owner of the Anupam store rude? I found him rude as well . On the good part they have a crazy collection of dip pens.

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